PK Sound Certified Partner

CLARITY Design & Sonic Optimization proudly announces its new partnership with PK Sound, an industry leader in advanced audio technology. Consequently, this collaboration highlights Clarity's unwavering commitment to excellence in sound production and innovative solutions.

As a certified PK Sound partner, Clarity now offers cutting-edge audio technology, ensuring unmatched quality and performance for all clients.

Moreover, combining PK Sound's expertise with Clarity's dedication to superior service, customers can expect flawless sound experiences. Thus, events, concerts, and installations are elevated to unprecedented levels of excellence and satisfaction.

In conclusion, discover how Clarity and PK Sound are revolutionizing the audio industry with their innovative partnership. They deliver top-tier sound solutions that set new standards in performance and quality.

Acoustics tailored to your venue

Effortlessly surpass the confines of any environment with our advanced audio solutions. Seamlessly adapt dispersion patterns to avoid reflective surfaces and dynamically taper waveguides horizontally to match the venue's unique shape.

Furthermore, our cutting-edge Robotic and Install elements offer unmatched flexibility and precision in variable coverage. Consequently, this ensures tailored results that outperform any alternatives in the market.

Experience superior audio quality and adaptability with our innovative technology. Designed to deliver optimal performance in any setting, our solutions are truly transformative.

Discover how our advanced audio solutions can transform your venue with precision and ease.

Asymmetric horizontal dispersion

Asymmetric horizontal dispersion optimizes sound distribution by focusing it unevenly across a space. This targeted approach ensures balanced coverage, reduces unwanted reflections, and enhances clarity.

By directing sound precisely where it's needed most, asymmetric dispersion maximizes impact, delivering immersive audio experiences with precision and efficiency in diverse environments.

Discover how our asymmetric horizontal dispersion technology can transform your sound setup, providing superior clarity and balanced coverage for any venue.

Multi axis robotic control

Variable robotic actuation extends beyond mere functionality, enabling users to finely adjust a vertical line source with 0.1° precision. Additionally, it allows for customization of each module's horizontal coverage.

Moreover, through the implementation of a precisely tapered array, users can greatly enhance stereo imaging. This technology circumvents obstacles seamlessly and significantly diminishes noise pollution.

Therefore, our advanced actuation system not only improves audio quality but also optimizes performance in diverse environments. Experience unparalleled control and customization with our state-of-the-art audio solutions.

Single platform workflow

PK.dynamics consolidates all elements of your workflow within one unified platform, encompassing simulation, measurement, networking, system control, and more.

Moreover, embrace the versatility of real-time adjustments to navigate unforeseen obstacles seamlessly. This allows you to transition your design from concept to reality with ease, even post-deployment.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of PK.dynamics, streamlining your audio system management for superior performance in any setting. Therefore, optimize your workflow and enhance your audio solutions with our comprehensive platform.


Please contact us for more information or enquiries. Next to fully customized fixed audio ecosystems, CLARITY Design & Sonic Optimization offers tailored solutions for smaller, changing 'on the road' environments.